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  1. Expandable viewing window
  2. Layers ON/OFF control
  3. Parking symbols on every block including layers for
    1. Large and Small Clocks (exceptions to the Lg Clock Rules)
    2. No Parking Anytime Barbed Wire
    3. Parking Garages (It can happen to the best of us.)
    4. Sunday Rules on own layer
    5. Points of Interest
  4. Map Tools
  5. Periodic Updates of Parking Signs
  6. Access to online community


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  1. An essential reference for anyone who parks in New York
  2. Easy to make exact queries for parking rules for any time and place
  3. Detailed block-by-block information
  4. Simple Parking Symbols for quick overviews!
  5. App bookmarks Favorite Locations
  6. Alternate Side Parking Suspensions Calendar
  7. Parking regulation updates!
  8. GPS Locator

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  1. Discontinued until further notice.

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